Friday, July 29, 2011

A Collection of Pix

Hello readers!  While I contemplate the topic for my next post, I'm presenting to you, the reader, an American Graffiti collage and a Wolfman Jack collage, guaranteed to provide hours of viewing pleasure. How much would you pay to look at these incredible photos?  Don't answer until you hear this: If you act now, below you can view an autographed pic of Wolfman Jack and Bo Hopkins signed last February at the Sacramento Autorama.  Some fans may have seen some of these pics before, but I ask you, Have you ever seen these pics  presented in such a fabulously creative way? I think not.  In fact, the Graffiti collage is so incredible that actress, Candy Clark (Debbie) recently made prints of it.

So, let's review: You get to view the delightful American Graffiti collage, the wonderful Wolfman Jack collage and as our free gift to you, the autograph picture of Wolfman & Bo.  This presentation is not available anywhere else on the internet. So remember, respond before midnight tonight.  Operators are standing by. 

Candy Clark's personal favorite (Click on pic to enlarge)

  (Click on pic to go to Wolfman Jack: En El Aire.)


(Click on photo to enlarge)


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