Sunday, December 24, 2017


Writing a script can be a lesson in brevity for all potential screen writers.  Before you ask someone to read your entire script, you may want to submit 10-15pp story treatment first. Then if the reader likes what they see they'll ask for more.  

American Graffiti script writers & husband & wife, Willard Huyck & Gloria Katz circa 1973. They, along with George Lucas,were nominated for an Academy Award for Best Writing a Story or Screenplay. (BTW:  I just love Gloria's Jew-Fro. A true 1970's fashion). According to the screenwriters, Graffiti was a 15pp story treatment submitted to various movie studios first before it was an entire script.

Below is a 3-page synopsis of the film, included in a press packet dated three months before the film's release. They managed to reduce a nearly 2 hour movie into a 3p outline.   (Click on all documents to enlarge. Or, don't do anything.  See if I care.)

A page from an international film program.  Candy Clark signed this for me in 2016.

Below is a cast list from the press book.  Although it's not comprehensive, it is descriptive of which actors were in a particular scene.

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