Thursday, August 4, 2016


A rare production pic of Mels at dusk. You can see Richard Dreyfuss approaching Milner's coupe.

Hi!  Hello... buenos noches? Need a lift?  Nice night for a walk? Do you know John Milner? Curt Henderson? Sure you wouldn't like a ride somewhere? Did anyone ever tell you that you
look just like Connie Stevens?
  Ah, yes, welcome back to another thrilling post of Kip Pullman's American Graffiti Blog.  I think every hard-core Graffiti fan has their own little space in their domicile dedicated to American Graffiti, rather it be just a movie poster on the wall, a whole plethora of collectable memorabilia in a display case, or a garage filled with Graffiti-related collectables.  Yes, you know who you are.  I fall somewhere in between categories. I have many many, signed photos and lobby cards signed by the stars of Graffiti and T.V. 's Happy Days. Unfortunately,  I only have so much space in my room to display these incredible items. So its always a dilemma for me as to which ones to put on display  I always seem to be changing my mind as to which photos look best on my wall.  But for now, I've settled on what I've displayed here. So, this post is filled with pictures of my memorabilia I've proudly displayed on my walls and dresser. Hope you enjoy.

(Click on on all pix below to enlarge)

Graffiti pictures above my bed that dance in my head as I sleep at night.

All the main Graffiti cars and others (plus Vespas)  in a mirrored display case

Candy signed this for me in Petaluma in May 2016

Various Happy Days pics (from the first 2 seasons) signed by all the cast memebers

Random nostalgic items, i.e., Coke bottle, Mel's Tepco china, A&W root beer mugs, Mels ashtray, matches and menus.

Rare Wolfman Jack publicity photos from various periods of his career

Hope you've enjoyed my display.  BTW: I'd love to see pix of other fan's memorabilia (that means you). Please feel free to share your pix on my Face Book Group: Kip's Paradise Road.