Saturday, September 5, 2015


'55 movie clone car owned by Jeff Zastrow

I was going through my cell phone and realized I had a few more pictures I'd taken from Nostalgia Days in Novato, CA. that I didn't share on my last post.  (Click here to go to previous post).  So, I thought I'd share 'em with my readers, (that'd be you).

True to the original coupe there are slicks on the back and a missing rear window to accommodate sound & film crew

Bitchin' 40th anniversary film car built by David Acheson and now owned by Jeff Zastrow

Notice all the autographs from various American Graffiti related stars and personnel on the interior of the coupe.

Incidentally, anyone who has an American Graffiti related event and would like to have the two most popular cars from the film on display: 1.) Falfa's '55 black Chevy and 2.) Milner's '32 yellow Ford coupe the owner of these movie tribute vehicles, Jeff Zastrow just might be available to hook you up.   Jeff has been known to display his sweet rides in the past for a minimal fee.  Sometimes as little as the cost of expenses for travel and lodging.  That's it!  "It's not about the money,"Jeff said, "It's all about the excitement on people's faces when they see these cars." These are real racers. They weren't built just to look pretty.  Imagine having these two cars at the next grand opening of a new The Original Mels, or special event at a car show, or the next showing of American Graffiti at the theater of your nostalgic event. Okay, you get the picture.
Jeff can be reached at or call him on his cell phone (916) 719-7135

'58 Impala owned by Ken Crawford.  The open trunk is filled with a case of Old Harper and Coke.

"Shit, Holstein!"  1961 Ford police car

Bitchin' Camero

Gnarly little surf machine
Heading home from Novato towards San Francisco on the Golden Gate Bridge

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