Friday, August 1, 2014


What, you say you always wanted to be a Pharaoh but owning a car club jacket and learning the secret handshake just wasn't good enough??  Say no more. Here is your chance to own an authentic replica of the original Pharaoh’s Mercury featured in George Lucas' 1973 film, American Graffiti.  That's right the famous American Graffiti tribute car is up for sale!

This 1951 Mercury with a 356 flat head and a three on the tree, was built by the late, Glenn Shimmin of All Rod Custom in Colville Wash. It was put together from various old Mercury cars with the assistance and direction of such Graffiti alumni as transportation supervisor Henry Travers (drove & maintained cars for the film) and Don Orlandi Sr. & son who customized the main cars for the film (i.e., Milner Coupe, '58 Impala, Mercury, etc.)

Since the unexpected passing of owner/builder, Glenn, a few years ago, the car has been owned by the family and maintained by his daughter who inherited her dad’s passion and devotion to cars and the uncanny ability to build and maintain them.

Unfortunately, the family can no longer afford to maintain and show the car so they are presenting an opportunity for the serious American Graffiti fan to own the tribute vehicle. It is truly one of a kind.
Owner/builder, late-great, Glen Shimmin
Because it looks like the owner of the original movie car will not be restoring his broken down vehicle to movie-correct specs or selling it anytime soon, this beautiful tribute car is as close as one could ever get to experiencing the Pharaohs Mercury as it originally appeared in American Graffiti.  Every detail was put forward to be movie correct.

The interior features signatures of actress’s & actors related to the movie.

There is video, scrap books of the building process, and plenty of photos that will make the lucky new owner aware of what this car represents.

Mercury with original '58 Impala movie car and other Graffiti Tribute cars
It is hoped that the new owner of the car would be interested and capable of occasional travel to some feature events in nearby states with TRIBUTE TEAM AMERICAN GRAFFITI.

 When Glen first built this awesome tribute car I talked with him about the led sled.  Check out my interview with him as he discusses the building process.


 For further information:
 Facebook: tributeteam americangraffiti
 Contacts: Kim Shimmin at 509-680-1982/ owner
 Or, Chairman Ken Crawford at
 Phone 503-387-3304