Friday, August 16, 2013

Dates & Details: NOSTALGIA DAYS HOT ROD & KUSTOM CAR SHOW - AUG 14 & 15, 2015 - NOVATO, CA

What r u doin' August 14th & 15th, 2015??  We know, you're goin' to our pal, Marv Giambastiani's, NOSTALGIA DAYS.   The  incredible, 19th annual Cruise and ROD & KUSTOM CAR SHOW takes place in Novato, CA. The cruise is on Friday the 14th and the show is on Saturday the 15th.  It is the social event of the Summer.  Remember, Anybody who's anybody will be there - so be there! Even a possible nobody can develop into a somebody just by attending.  It's that incredible.


Dissimilar to other Graffiti-town wannabes, the city of Novato has some real American Graffiti credibility because portions of the George Lucas classic were filmed there.  Which parts, you ask? Okay, smarty pants, I'll tell you-the rural parts.  More specifically, the canal scenes.  Remember? This was where Terry "The Toad" Fields (Charles Martin Smith) got drunk, made out with Debbie (Candy Clark) and lost a beautiful white '58 Impala that belonged to his friend, Steve (Ron Howard).   
Rural Novato is also the same "Lover's Lane" location where Steve (Ron Howard) and girlfriend, Laurie (Cindy Williams) attempt to "watch the submarine races" but get into an arguement that ulitmately leaves Steve walking home "empty handed," so to speak.  In addition, the town is directly South of Petaluma, where most of Graffiti was filmed.  In fact, the only thing that stands between Petaluma and Novato is a gas station. No ordinary station mind you, but the actual location where John Milner (Paul LeMat) removes the header plugs on his yellow coupe and briefly chats with the gas station attendant before heading off to Paradise Road.

NOSTALGIA DAYS in Novato, CA is gonna be a freakin' blast!  The event has a lot o' cool cars & real cool rock & roll played by real musicians. But, wait- there's more! American Graffiti star, Candy Clark will be there in person to meet, greet and sign autographs. What more could you want?  So whatta you waitin' for? Enough of this chit chat. To learn more about Nostalgia Days Rod & Kustom Car Show click on the pic of Toad & Debbie below.  Later, Alligator!

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