Thursday, June 16, 2011


The Blu-ray Hi-Def version of American Graffiti was released last month, May 31, 2011. 

Recently when I had heard through my pal, Hal Johnson that American Graffiti was being released on Blu-Ray, I was thrilled.  This was exciting news to me - not because now I could see this tremendous film at home "the way it was meant to be seen," but rather I learned for the first time on any home release there is a director commentary by George (who else) Lucas who shares anecdotes about the production of the film.  How cool is that???  
George Lucas watches the girls using the restroom.
I logged onto to get more information on the new release and discovered other features including 23 minutes of original screen tests of the cast and the less riveting feature whereby one can enable pop-up windows that reveal the titles, artist names and original record information of the various songs that adorn the film.  This is less interesting to me since I've researched the tunes in the film on my own.  See our AMERICAN GRAFFITI SOUNDTRACK post for extensive info on the music used in the film.   Apparently, there are some other excellent features on the Blu-ray edition that have been previously released on DVD versions of the film including the  outstanding 78 min documentary, The Making of American Graffiti and the original 3 min. trailer.


As a part-time School Psychologist (emphasis on part-time), and guitar instructor I don't make enough money to always have the luxury to go out and purchase something, (in this case the new Blu-ray) as soon as I want. So I've had to curb my impulses and wait 'till I get my next pay check. Well, finally having just received said paycheck in the mail today, June 16, I quickly deposited it into the ATM machine at Wells Fargo, and immediately headed down to the local mall to purchase the Blu-ray version of Graffiti.  The Willow Shopping Center here in Clovis has both a BEST BUY and a TARGET store. It was a frustrating and disappointing experience.  After not spotting it on the store shelf I had asked the young clerk at Best Buy if they had the American Graffiti Blu-ray in stock.  He went away then came back and said "No neither this store or my Fresno store has it in stock but it can be ordered on line."   I felt like telling him, "NO SHIT I can order it online but I want the disc now, that's why I came into your freakin' store.  But, I didn't. I just smiled and thanked him and then exited the store in a polite and orderly fashion.  I had a similar experience in Target.  "Damn it, what's wrong with these freakin' chain stores??  Anyways, I went on line and ordered it through Amazon and paid the rip-off, expedient shipping fee.  Now I'm waiting.  As I wait for the delivery, I'm wondering if any of my readers out there have experienced the Blu-ray??  If so, I'd absolutely love to hear your thoughts on it.  Do tell.  It'll give me something to think about rather than spend my time wondering, "Gee,when does the mail get here?"

The back cover of the Blu-ray edition.



  1. Went to BestBuy last week and had the same experience. Way to go Universal! Nice marketing. I think they've always handled this movie wrong. Anyways, good luck on the purchase. From your description it sounds like the same features that came out on the special edition disc 5-10 years ago. I hope not. Keeps us posted. Aloha

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