Monday, May 16, 2011

Que Pasa? Dates & Details

TO AMERICAN GRAFFITI, 2011 - May 19, 20, 21

Click pic to ride with the spirit of Wolfman Jack to Petaluma's Salute to American Graffiti.

As most of us die-hard fans know, American Graffiti was filmed at various locations in Northern California and a majority of the scenes in the fantastic movie were filmed in Petaluma in June and July, 1972.  To many Graffiti fans the town is almost like a Mecca. The town has proudly worn this distinction and as a result the local folks created an event to honor its movie roots.  The annual celebration of the film, aptly called, Petaluma’s Salute to American Graffiti, takes place downtown on the streets where George Lucas' classic was filmed.  The event features displays of American cars, lots of crusin' and oldies rock ‘n roll provided by live bands. It is a non-profit event and all proceeds benefit Petaluma's community projects; schools; and other community programs that focus on the arts, history, safety and welfare of Petaluma.  Very cool & lots of fun.  I hope to see some of you there!