Saturday, March 19, 2011


Original foreign Lobby Card signed by Candy on Feb 13, 2011

Last month Candy Clark, who played Debbie in "Graffiti," was gracious enough to spend a little bit of her time talking with me.  I video taped both her and Bo Hopkins talking about their roles in "Graffiti" at the Sacramento Autorama on Feb 12, 2011.  I was thrilled but when I got to my hotel room to watch the video I discovered there was no tape in the camera.  I felt so stupid and was so angry.  Both Candy and Bo were so considerate to spend time talking to me and I didn't even get it on tape.  And, it was especially a good conversation with Candy 'cause she was blowing kisses into the camera!  

I went back to the Autorama the following day with my friend, Toby and explained to Candy what had happened.  She laughed and was happy to let Toby (who knew to put tape in the camera) and I record another discussion on the film. Candy is a strikingly good-looking woman, a fantastic conversationalist, and "self-starter" needing few prompts to speak about the film and her role in it.  I recorded a conversation with Paul Lemat after her but never did get to talk to Bo afterwards.  Oh, well, next time...  BTW: You can see Bo & Paul Lemat goofing around in the background as Candy is speaking.  The tape begins with 15 seconds of the original Milner's coupe that was on display at the Autorama.

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  1. Self starter indeed. First of all, big props Professor. If I been the one to leave out the tape, not sure I would have went back. Had you not, it would have been our loss. Very nice interview. It is an obvious testament to your subject's regard for you that they seem to 'bring down the shields' a bit for you. And the fact that she would repeat an interview says alot for her as well.

    It's nice to learn that she acknowledges with pride the place history has given her in regards to this one particular movie. It would be easy to bitch about, but she is more enlightened and appreciates the good fortune.

    You're right, she's still a looker.

    As usual, great job Mark.