Monday, October 10, 2011

Would You Buy a Lemon from Greg Brady?....... The Toad Might!

Greg (Barry Williams) boasts to Ronnie (Charles Martin Smith) about the car, while winking at his sisters.

A  year before actor Charles Martin Smith landed the role as Terry "The Toad" Fields, in AMERICAN GRAFFITI, he played Ronnie in a third season episode of the TV series The BRADY BUNCH. In this episode, titled, THE WHEELER DEALER Greg Brady, having just turned 16-years-old, gets his driver's license and buys a used car for $100 from his friend. He finds out his friend tricked him by selling him a junker. Greg tries to try to do the same thing by selling the lemon to an unsuspecting buyer.  One of the potential buyers is naive-looking Ronnie.

Jan Brady (Eve Plumb) says the car performs well especially when it's standing still.

Hmmm...Ronnie contemplates buying the car as he sits and listens to the engine.     Will he buy the car???